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Nov 22, 2017

Hey Everyone! This is not a full episode of my podcast Circle of Willis!

What this is…this is BONUS MATERIAL from Episode 6, where I talked with JOHN CACIOPPO.

This is material that might be a little tougher for some people—people who are not social psychologists or psychophysiologists…

But if you are one of those people, or if you're comfortable doing a little google searching, there is some great stuff here.

It’s me and John Cacioppo talking about the work John did with Richard Petty on the Elaboration Likelihood Model, John’s methodological work on the field of Electromyography (see the awesome image at the right for the picture John and I laugh about), John’s willingness to forgo tenure in order to do the science correctly…good stuff!

And of course at some point John and I just started to geek out about the early days of a discipline called psychophysiology. We talk a bit about how psychophysiologists can easily get really focused on their physiological specialty. It was great fun for me and I hope it's enjoyable for you, too!